Branding Services

You don’t want to just be a one-hit wonder, do you?

writer-605764_1920Of course not. So many people write their books, light up at the idea of being finished but realize they didn’t create a ‘brand plan’ so they could already be in position when their book was ready to go.

What’s a brand plan? It’s a road map you use to brand your ‘author world’.

Have you created your website and branded it with your personality?

Have you created your newsletter and come up with the content for at least the first three issues?

Have you set up at least two social media networks with your brand identity (that speaks to your uniqueness)?

No. Well, let me just say I’m SOOOO proud of you for getting through the hardest part – writing the book. But these things should be up and ready to go before you hit ‘publish’. How will readers connect with you without these things? Once they get to the last page, the connection should continue.

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Includes advice and successful strategies to build your online platform as an author, included, but not limited to:

– creating blog content from your book without giving away too much
– building your newsletter and creating a strong launch
– pre-launch digital marketing strategy for your book
– author brand development
– advice on how to position your book and win even if you’re in a popular genre (fitness, health, parenting, etc.)