Ghostwriting Services


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A ghostwriter is a professional writer who transforms the author’s thoughts into a commercial, literary product. Ghostwriters write your book for you, but it is a collaborative effort.  

Many people confuse ghostwriting with editing and content writing. Here is the difference between the three:

Ghostwriting  is when a professional writer takes your idea, collaborates with you to develop that idea into a commercial literary product. The ghostwriter will write the book, word for word, but the author is heavily involved in the process. There are periodic check-ins, as well as in-depth conversations that will help with the progress of the book. 

Editing is a passive process – the book is complete when it’s ready for editing. Editing requires the editor to go through and suggest changes throughout the whole document, but it is up to the author to implement those changes.  

Content writers help someone create content for their website, brand, blog or videos. In some ways, ghostwriters are developing content (the content of the book), but most content writers aren’t ghostwriters; however,  ghostwriters typically do both. Content writing usually involves smaller pieces that are published within a few days or weeks after they are written. 


Photo Cred: CreateHer Stock

 Average US ghostwriting rates range from $20,000-$80,000 for a 200-300 page book. Don’t be fooled by bidding sites. Ghostwriting is hard work and requires a lot of time, research, patience and a dedication to the written word that many of these bidding site writers don’t have. This isn’t to discredit their ability to write, but keep in mind the old adage “you get what you pay for” when it comes to your book. 

Whether you are self-publishing or looking for a mainstream publisher, you want your work to be of the highest quality and you need to make sure you have someone with the highest qualifications. Even a new ghostwriter should have competitive rates.

To find out more about our ghostwriting rates, click Ghostwriting Package. An in-depth consultation is needed to provide an accurate quote for your project requirements. The consultation fee is $100 for one hour, but will be applied to your first invoice should you decide to move forward.